Top 3 Challenges for Venues and Event Management

Every event planner knows the different hurdles to jump over when it comes to venues and event management. While any well-planned event may look effortless, it takes an unusual amount of energy and teamwork for it to become a success. Different obstacles were met and had to be ironed out – possibly at the last minute – for attendees to get the best experience from the event. To make the processes easier, event managers may have also utilised event planner software.

Here are top three challenges that event planners must overcome before, during, and after an event:

  1. Enlisting people to come to your event

Enlisting people to come to your event goes hand in hand with venues and event management. Your event may simply not materialise if there are no attendees. No matter how well thought of your program is and no matter how inspirational your speakers are, your event will be considered a flop if there is nobody there to take part in the experience.

Tip: In order to attract attention for your upcoming event, use different social media marketing campaigns. Do not give up on SMS and emailing campaigns either. The more talk you can generate before your event, the better. For easier registrations, also try to employ a conference registration software.

  1. Keeping attendees engaged

As you do venues and event management, you may get lucky and surpass the expected figure of confirmed attendees. The challenge now would be to keep your attendees engaged during your event. This is a very important activity because, simply put, bored attendees equate to non-returning customers.

Tip: This is where the role of venue management comes in. Make sure that the venue is well-decorated and floor management is handled efficiently by your staff. You may also use mobile event applications to encourage attendees to participate in live polls, Q&A, and even gamification activities.

  1. Maintaining social media buzz after the event

Lastly, maintaining social media buzz is one of the challenges of venues and event management. Given that your event was successful, what you do after it could spell the overall success of improving brand awareness and your company’s sales.

Tip: Encourage attendees to use hashtags as they share social media posts regarding your event. They may choose to share pictures, commentaries, and links related to your event. If needed, create incentives for attendees who share about their experience on social media. You may mail to them simple giveaways to inspire them to spread the word further and probably come back to your future events. You can easily communicate to your attendees through the email database of an online registration software.