3 Important Features of a Venue Check In App

Important Features of a Venue Check In App

No matter how well prepared you are in terms of preparing your venue, it would all be for naught if you do not take advantage of technologies like the venue check in app and the event check-in app. You would not want to put your attendees through the hassle of waiting in long lines just to get into your venue – especially for large events. This is not only uncomfortable for them, it will also leave a bad impression of your company and how you organise your events.

For this reason, many even organisers are employing a straightforward but simple solution to help in terms of venue management: the check-in app. What does this mobile application do exactly? Here are three important features that you may want to know:

1.) A check-in app works offline.

One of the most helpful features of a check-in app is its offline functionality. As long as the mobile application is downloaded to a smartphone or tablet, it may be used even if your staff members are not connected to the Internet. This gives it an edge over cloud-based corporate event management software which will have to be opened through a browser. Of course, since the software and check-in app work hand-in-hand, it is highly recommended that you use the app while connected to the Wi-Fi for all updates to be logged straight to the cloud.

2.) A check-in app allows for easier attendee list management.

An obvious advantage of an event planning app like the check-in app is that it eliminates paper-based processes. If you have been organising events prior to the inception of event technologies, you may have been content with paper guest lists. While it was effective to an extent, you can’t deny that the process is obsolete, especially when paper lists are very prone to human error.

3.) A check-in app can be used in multiple mobile devices.

Last but not the least, a check-in app can be used in multiple devices. This means that all your staff members assigned to check in guests will have the same app on their mobile devices. This allows for easy sharing of data. If any of your staff members has already confirmed the attendance of a guest, all the others will have access to the updated guest list. This is particularly helpful if you are tracking the arrival of important guests and VIP



Project Management for Events

For every event, project management is one of the key components for success. Event managers are aware of this requirement which is why they should keep everyone up to speed on the tasks involved before, during, and after an event. The best thing about technology is that it continually automates various work processes involved in the event lifecycle. This is the reason why the event management software is all the buzz in the events industry today.

If you are looking for a solution that is focused on project management, you may want to focus on event management software reviews. Here are three specific ways by which event management software can help in project management:

1.) Singular solution for all team members

Working with a team involves engaging in different channels of communication. For large events where there may be various committees and tasks involved, it is important to provide your team a singular platform where they can communicate with one another. This is one of the major advantages of an event management software. It allows everyone to have access to key information pertaining to an event. Should there be any major changes related to the event or project, everyone will be notified through the dashboard where there may be a notifications tab.

2.) Tasks management

Some software products specifically delve into tasks management. This will allow you to track the progress of your team members in real time. No matter which committee they belong to, all information is readily accessible. Your team members can plan for the next steps to take since they will know whether crucial deadlines are met or not. For floor management, for example, you will see if seating arrangements have already been ironed out, if technical equipment have already been acquired, and if staffing has already been appropriated for the event.

3.) Budget management

Last but not the least, budget management can also be supported using an event platform. When the success of a project is contingent on the amount of budget allotted to it, it pays to be very meticulous. Through the software, your team members can log expenses as well as generate different financial reports. It is important that everyone is on the same line in terms of how the budget is currently being managed.

Those are only some of the ways by which an event management software can collectively help you in terms of project management for your events.



How to Keep Up with Attendee Engagement

While the reasons why attendees come to your event are varied, it is important to note that attendee engagement should be one of your top priorities as an event organiser. In every event, the satisfaction of attendees would depend on whether their goals for coming to the event are met – and whether they feel like they were engaged all throughout. Here are three simple steps for you to improve the overall engagement of your attendees:

1.) Focus on the experience.

For many event professionals, the focus is no longer on the content of the event – it is about the attendee experience. Regardless if you have acclaimed speakers and a very interesting content, it will all be for naught if communication is one-way. The attendees are there not just to listen; they also have their own thoughts that they would want to bring to the table. For this reason, it is important that you look for activities that will allow attendees to interact with the speakers and even their co-attendees. You may do Q&As or employ gamification apps to make sure that attendees are having fun or are constantly stimulated until the event finishes.

2.) Offer attendees an event app.

In your search for an effective event management app, you should have heard about the different benefits of using a delegate event app. This type of mobile application can be downloaded by your attendees to their mobile devices. An event app will give your attendees access to the floor plan, to their daily agenda, and event to networking tools such as in-app messaging and matchmaking solutions. The app may also offer push notifications to remind attendees about sessions they have to attend.

3.) Ask for feedback after the event.

Lastly, it is important that you solicit feedback from your attendees after the event. By using an event planning software, you can easily send emails to your attendee database. In the email, you may let them fill out a simple survey. Since this may be something that a lot of attendees would shrug off, try to create incentives for those who would answer the surveys. You may raffle out a prize for the lot who has dedicated some time to provide feedback, for example. By doing this, you will be able to point out activities that encourage the most engagement for your next events.